The Production Network is growing beyond itself

Saxon league will attend with his new network partner as well as the patented laser protection system the Hannover Fair

Limbach-Oberfrohna, Gelenau, Hartmannsdorf, Mülsen: „The Production Network“ will present his new partner of the saxon league at this year’s Hannover Fair from 25th until 29th of April: Schwalbe Metallbau GmbH. On the network stand F24/2, (6) in Hall 4, they will also present market innovations such as the patented laser protection system “A-Protection“ as well as longstanding success stories of the from now on seven partner companies. One example: the delivery of the 500th hull machine, manufactured in real teamwork.

Since September 2015, the company Schwalbe Metallbau GmbH from Mülsen acts as new, powerful partner in the Production Network. With the strength of 80 employees, the company stands for excellence in the field of steel construction and engineering. They cut, bend, weld, paint and mount up to 10 tons workpiece weight in the area of serial production and even more then 10 tons in the area of individual production. “We are able to extend the portfolio of the Production Network in the fields of sheet metal processing and steelwork design and we can develop further the output capacity of the network in the field of engineering and plant construction at the same time”, explains Marko Seidler, CEO of Schwalbe Metallbau GmbH.

Market innovation: laser protection system “A-Protection“ reaches series production readiness

The modular laser protection system “A –Protection” is an example of inventiveness and real teamwork „Made in Saxony“ which will be presented in the serial production design at the Hannover Fair. The laser protection wall from high quality materials and durable construction design ensures maximum protection against hazardous radiation. By stringing together, the individual wall elements can be combined to create a powerful laser protection cabin. The cabin encapsulates the working space and therefore ensures a reliable passive protection with modern 3D laser cutting and laser welding unit. Even highly brilliant laser with a power up to 10 kW cannot penetrate into this laser protection. Strayed laser beams caused by scattering or direct reflection can therefore pose no risk to the health of the operating personal. The highlight of this solution is that the wall will not be damaged and the machine can always continue to work unhindered.

The laser protection system „A-Protection“is a patented innovation of the network partner ANTARES GmbH. “Only with the background of the Production Network, we are able to serve numerous potential partners mainly from the area automotive smoothly and in time”, explains Jörg Bergelt, CEO of the ANTARES GmbH. Each step in the production of the laser protection system is implemented within the Production Network – from the design through production and coating, up to the assembly of the plants.

Anniversary: 500th hull machine leaves the factory halls of GEMAG

The following anniversary shows how successfully the Production Network implements their major projects in the sectors of agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, rail vehicle construction, special vehicle manufacturing as well as medical technology and apparatus construction: In January 2016 the 500th hull machine left the factory halls of the Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG. “500 machines of this complex type in barely five years are a masterpiece because the serial nature in the sector of German mechanical engineering is declining”, said Hans-Peter Weise, executive board of GEMAG. The further expansion of the business segment mechanical engineering components – especially machinery bodies, hull or base machine and tool magazines – is only realizable within the strong community of the Production Network. Know-how and capacity for the therefore required steel structures, sheet metal parts, sheet covering and complete enclosures, coatings according to customer requirements as well as stainless steel components will be provided efficiently and in time by the network partners.

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